Why should I pay for worksheets?

It is true that there are literally hundreds of thousands of ESL worksheets available free of charge on the Internet, so why would you pay for a worksheet?

Actually, there are a number of different reasons why teachers are willing to pay for worksheets. Here are just some of them.

A Quality Product – It is not always the case, but usually worksheets that you can download for free are just not up to the standard of those premium worksheets that you can purchase for a minimal fee. Even if the content is of a high standard and grammatically correct, the chances are that the appearance and formatting of the free worksheet will not be up to scratch.

Saving Valuable Time – Although there are lots of high quality free worksheets out there, it can often take a long time to find something that is worth using with your class. This same time could be used to make a quality worksheet yourself, but if you prefer to save your valuable time, then it might be preferable to pay a dollar or two for a premium worksheet.

Visually Stimulating – It should not be underestimated how important it is for a worksheet to be visually stimulating, especially for worksheets that are being used by children. If the student enjoys using the worksheet and is stimulated by the colours, formatting and images used within the sheet, then he or she is more likely to learn the material being taught. The fact is premium worksheets are almost always more visually appealing than their free counterparts.


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