Vocabulary – Memory Game – Arctic/Antarctic

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One of the best ways to teach young children vocabulary is through the medium of a Memory Game.

Below is a FREE memory game that focuses on vocabulary from the polar regions of the Arctic and the Antarctic. Please note that the vocabulary is only written on one set of cards to allow the testing of the child’s knowledge once the words have been learnt.

Begin by using the Arctic/Antarctic themed cards without words as Flashcards, pointing to each student while pronouncing the word and encouraging him or her to repeat the word after you.

Next play a warm up game whereby you pick random Arctic/Antarctic flashcards and encourage the students to say the right name for the picture as quickly as they can. Show the corresponding card with the word written on it to confirm that the student has answered correctly.

Finally, once you feel that the class know the vocabulary reasonably well, you can get the students to play the Arctic/Antarctic Memory Game.

Price: FREE

Memory Game - Arctic and Antarctic


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